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We seek work that either a) blurs the lines between genres or b) alternates the usage of different literary forms within the same work. We’re mostly interested in the following categories of hybrid literature:

  • pieces that blur the line between prose poetry and creative nonfiction;
  • pieces that blur the line between prose poetry and flash fiction;
  • biomythography; and,
  • pieces which mix and/or multiple literary forms (i.e. poetry and memoir) within the same work (such as hybrid narratives, as described by Thomas Larson in this article)

You may submit as many hybrid genre pieces as you like in the same submission; however, we ask that the total word count between all hybrid genre pieces submitted does not exceed 8.500 words.



Submit up to 8,500 total words of hybrid genre work (one piece or multiple pieces),

Attach .doc.docx, or .odt files.
Please include your name, a bio, and your connection to neurodivergence. Feel free to include this information in an attachment or in your cover letter.
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